Additive Identity
Arithmetic Progression
Associative Property
Closure Property
Commutative Property
Conversion of Measurement Units
Cube Root
Distributivity of Multiplication over Addition
Divisibility Principles
Fundamental Operations
H.C.F / G.C.D
Multiplicative Identity
Multiplicative Inverse
Profit and Loss
Ratio and Proportion
Simple Interest
Square Root
Unitary Method
Cartesian System
Order Relation
Standard Identities & their applications
Basic Geometrical Terms
Define Line, Line Segment and Rays
Non-Collinear Points
Three dimensional object
Trigonometry Ratios
Arithmetic Mean
Frequency Distribution Table

Solved Problems

List of Solved Algebra Problems

  • Write expanded form of 78, 129, 93
  • lita has 5 stamps more than twice the number of adels stamps. Together they have 335 stamps.. How many stamps does each one have ?
  • Find the number such that two thirds of the number increased by one is 13
  • Separate 83 into two parts such that if the larger is divided by the smaller, the quotient is 4 with a remainder of 8.
  • Solve : (x+3)/10 + 2 = 7/5
  • A man is 35 yrs old and his son 7 yrs now.In how many years will the son be half as old as his father
  • If 1/3 of an integer is added to 1/4 of the next consecutive integers the sum is 23. find the integers
  • 180 is what percent of 460?
  • Find a number which when multiplied by 5 is increased by 80
  • Find three consecutive even integers such that if the larger integer is subtracted from four times the smallest, the result is six more than twice the middle integer.
  • Ramon has a horse and a Carabao. the horse is 2/3 as old as the carabao. The difference between their ages is 4 years. How old is the carabao?
  • Find the number such that two thirds of the number increased by one is 13
  • A ladder 13 ft long is placed 5 ft from the foot of a tree. Up to what height does the ladder reach the tree
  • Given triangle ABC: angleA=65, angleB=n, angleC=4n. Find the measure of each angle. (Remember, the sum of the three angles of a triangle equals 180)
  • Sonny is twice as old as david. Four years ago, he was four times as old as david. When will the sum of their ages be 66?
  • If a circular garden has a diameter of 16m what is the area of the garden
  • The length of a rectangular deck is 8 meters more than twice the width. The perimeter of the deck is 46 m. Find the length of the deck.
  • Lilia is three years older than Rose.Five years ago,the sum of their ages is 41.Find the present age of each.
  • if the ratio of the measures of the interior angles of a quadrilateral is 3:5:7:9 what is the measure of the largest angle of the quadrilateral ?
  • The sum of two numbers is 135. Twice the first number equals 280 minus 3 times the second number. What are the numbers?
  • The difference between two number is 9. Twice the larger number is 5 times the smaller number. Find the numbers.
  • Twice the larger number is three times the smaller, and their sum is 20. Find the numbers.
  • Mila is 2 years older than Olive.In three years,the sum of their ages will be twice as much as the sum of their ages 3 years ago.Find their present ages.
  • Ten times a certain number added five times another number is 170. If the first number less than the second number is 5, find the numbers.
  • If there are 25 teachers and 485 students, what is the student to teacher ratio
  • The sum of 4 consecutive number is 586.What is the largest number of four?
  • The height of a triangle is 3 times the base. The area is 24 Inches. Find the base
  • John is 5 years more than six times older than Jude. the sum of their ages is 33. find their ages
  • 6 years ago, a father was 7 times as old as his son. After 6 yrs, he will be 3 times as old as his son. Find the present age of son .
  • find four consecutive odd integers such that the sum of the second and the fourth is 17 more than 1/2 the sum of the first and the third.
  • How do I solve 4(a + 3) - 7 = 21?
  • One integer is eight less than another integer. The sum of the two integers is fifty.
  • Charles is twice as old as william. Four years ago Charles was 3 times as old as william.How old is each now?
  • The average of four numbers is 98 if three of the numbers are 86 87 and 91 what is the fourth number
  • 80 children and 48 adults went to the movies. what is the ratio of children to adults
  • Which is the next number in this logical sequence .. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, ...
  • The difference of two times three and ninety times three
  • How to find length of hypotenuse of a right angled triangle if the length is 6cm and 8cm
  • Given two consecutive integers. The sum of two times the first integer and three times the second number is 48. Find the integers
  • Suppose that the sum of the present ages of Tom and his father is 100 years. Ten years ago Tom's father was three times as old as Tom was at that time. Find their present ages.
  • Perimeter of a triangle is 108 cm,its sides are in ratio 2:3:4,find its area?
  • If a train travels at an average speed of 85 km per hour, how many hours will it take to travel 340 km?
  • Two angles of a right angle triangle add up to 120 degree.find all the three angles
  • The perimeter of a rectangular floor is 200 feet. find the dimensions of the floor if the length is four times the width.
  • Find the product of -2,-15,4 and -1.
  • Ten times a certain number added five times another number is 170. If the first number less than the second number is 5, find the numbers.

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